Alpha Wolf - Half Living Things Deluxe Box Set (Pre-Order)

Alpha Wolf - Half Living Things Deluxe Box Set (Pre-Order)

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RELEASE DATE: 4/5/2024
  • Colour in Colour Clear/Red, with black splatter LP in 3mm sleeve
  • 8pg booklet
  • Clear with silver, green and red glitter cassette
  • 2x CD (Album & Album Instrumental)
  • NFC tag (with access to exclusive online content)


  1. Bring Back The Noise
  2. Double-Edge Demise
  3. Haunter
  4. Sucks 2 Suck (feat. Ice T)
  5. Whenever You're Ready
  6. Pretty Boy
  7. Mangekyō
  8. A Terrible Day For Rain
  9. Feign
  10. Garden Of Eyes
  11. Half Living Things
  12. Ambivalence

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