Eighteen Visions - Purgatorio Purple Cassette Edition of 75

Eighteen Visions - Purgatorio Purple Cassette Edition of 75

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While some bands seem to grow softer and more introspective with age, this doesn't apply to Southern California metalcore pioneers Eighteen Visions. Since their much-anticipated return to stages and the scene in 2017, each new release from the band has showcased their hardest-hitting and heaviest material to date. Their new EP Purgatorio, the second in a series of three releases based on Dante Alighieri's classic literary work The Divine Comedy and follow-up to 2020's Inferno further ratchets up this intensity with their brand of blistering, hellbound metallic hardcore. Never a band to rest on their past achievements, Purgatorio stands as proof that Eighteen Visions are just as crushing and vital as when they first hit the hardcore scene decades ago.

Purgatorio on Purple Cassette

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