A four-piece powerhouse, from the depths of the Swedish hardcore underground, ‘God Mother’ has been a rising force since its inception in 2012.

God Mother's debut, Maktbehov, was easily one of Metal’s most exciting new releases in 2015, making many of the year’s top lists including Loudwire, Blunt Mag, Metal Injection, and was hailed by Pitchfork as "an asteroid crash of an album that renders most of its competition extinct.”

God Mother’s Party Smasher Inc. debut, “Vilseledd,” in 2017, packs hardcore, grind, sludge, and noise into lethal projectiles, fueled by bilingual lyrics denouncing society's ignorance, in both Swedish and English.

In the years since 2017, God Mother toured the US and Europe with the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, Cult Leader and The Number Twelve Looks Like You. The band played numerous festivals around the world (Obscene Extreme, Brutal Assault, ArcTanGent, and more), and wrote the songs that would become Obeveklig.

Obeveklig is Swedish for "relentless," and God Mother's approach on its new EP is indeed, relentless. The Stockholm four-piece barrels forth as if they have exhumed the most epic moments of early Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan, boiled them down and used them as rocket fuel. Obeveklig is God Mother's first new work to be released in almost 5 years and it is startlingly lean and mean – the sound of a chained dog released from its cage.

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