VIP Upgrades

Below you will find answers to almost any question regarding our VIP upgrades.

No. VIP tickets only admit you to the VIP event not the entire show. Please visit your local venue website for General Admittance Tickets.

There are no physical tickets for VIP. Your name will be on a will call list. Any form of picture ID will be taken or purchase confirmation email for verification.

Don’t worry, one is coming shortly. We usually don’t forget these kinds of things. If come the day of show and you still haven’t received your email, please contact us then.

Any parent/guardian of a minor (Under 18) may enter the VIP meet and greet without a VIP ticket. The venue will require you to have a General Admission ticket to enter.

No need to worry! As long as the recipient provides the VIP instructor the name it was purchased under and explain it was a gift they will understand. If you are highly concerned please email us here.

If your show has been rescheduled or cancelled, you may email us here to request a refund.

All tickets are sold with no refunds. The ONLY exception to this would be ifI the event is ENTIRELY CANCELLED. Unless that is the case, we are unable to refund or reschedule the event for you.

That’s because all your VIP items will be given to you the day of the show at the event.

Some bands will do photos in front of a step and repeat with a professional photographer. If that was the case for your show, please allow up to 7 business days to receive the photo link. These take time to edit and upload while on the road.

For any additional questions or concerns related to VIP tickets only, please contact us at