Manic. is Alternative Rock’s unhinged rebel child. Comprised of Nicholas Baños, Matthew (Reverend) Vero and Jacob Saint Patrick, the eccentric & theatric rock trio is based in Nashville, where they have created their own blend of synth-infused alternative rock; featuring combined elements of grunge, shoegaze, hyperpop, post/noise rock, and jazz. Their arena-esq live performances, capable of punching a slumbering crowd awake with a kind of psychic energy, have successfully launched Manic. into one of the most promising underground acts in Music City, USA.

The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut) is a 17 song double album, which ‘the boys’ have crafted as a “mistake tape” and soundtrack of the bands formative years & the fictional story of Bedhead & The Sunset Kids. No one coins the mission statement better than lead singer Nicholas Baños: “We hope to be the band that defines the new few decades, the prodigal middle kids, stuck between the death of the analog era and the rising digital wave. We’re an invitation to our fans to be themselves entirely & unapologetically, to rise above, and simply…to be.”

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